Unique in France 87-year-old Catalan rider in Les Angles.

“During my run, I fell a bit on flat ground.” He acknowledges that Pierre Sablé has more knowledge of snowboarding than this obscure vocabulary for the layman. Quite logical for an 87-year-old man who is admired by skiers on the black slopes of the English Mountains, which he descends with the same confidence as a teenager. A Bouleterner resident could almost enlist the services of a liaison officer, as he runs into questions from winter sports enthusiasts on every “snow” walk.

“It’s unique. I never saw it. Can you imagine an 87 year old rider? “, admires Hugo de Touloge, 16 years old, his eyes round like saucers, in front of this little man in yellow, dressed in 1.60 m, a real daredevil on the slopes, who also shines on bitumen, having notably won marathons in Rome, Paris . , New York and Los Angeles for those over 80 a few years ago.

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