Vendée: Four years of sexual abuse of a young tennis player

The defendant became the coach of the young Didier.
The defendant became the coach of the young Didier. ©Pixabay

The defendant’s career is that of a teacher and principal of a school in the Paris region, without any problems. Now 71 years old, he retired in early 2010. He bought a house in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vi, near the city’s tennis complex. He is passionate about this sport. He became an “active volunteer” at the club.

“True betrayal” for this teenager

In 2013, he met a young Didier (assumed name, editor’s note) there at the age of 12, also addicted to a small yellow ball. Bonds of friendship are forged, the defendant becomes his coach. Soon the first drifts appear. A man improvises as a massage therapist, his hands resting on the child’s legs rising up. This is then caresses for sex, even more over the years. The sexual harassment will last from August 2013 until the end of December 2017. The defendant admits: “Massages have degraded. I bear sole responsibility for this,” he said in the bar of the criminal court of Sables-d’Olonne.

He estimates at “ten to twelve times masturbation”. The victim, now 21, argues. Nope. There were many more in four years. A “real betrayal” for this teenager and for his parents, according to whom “he became a family friend, almost a grandfather for Didier. He regularly came to dine at the house, alone he also spent Christmas with us. “Influence also on the hours spent in the defendant’s house with the latest game console. These are also gifts,” more than 2,300 euros, “says President Nicolas Potra. – You were especially generous. The man has an answer: “It should have been reward him for his results in tennis and in school. For nothing else, no ulterior motives.”

“He gently coaxed him”

The child has grown. In high school, he distanced himself from this man, but kept his secret to himself. Until the day he broke down in front of his high school friends. Then a criminal case was initiated. She also arrived at the office of the President of the French Tennis Federation in Paris, the latter stating on social media that she “will be on the side of the victims of sexual violence, to freedom of speech, with a strong desire to eradicate such behavior from our sporting life.”

Civic Party, I’m Catherine Mishno says: “He gently persuaded him. PS4 was the magic board. He betrayed the trust of the parents and the child. No one could suspect the true reality. He blew everyone away. “The same feeling on the part of the prosecutor Julien Duchose: “He used the child to satisfy his sexual pleasures. Gifts, like all pedophiles, must buy silence. There was a real perverse path on the way to the victim, and today for four years he does not even realize what happened. Requires four years in prison with a warrant to commit a crime.

Defendant Me Francisco Segura’s lawyer says he is “overwhelmed” by the requisitions. “My client admitted the facts in the interests of the victim. All his life he was alone. There is no risk of relapse and he is fully immersed in care as required by his judicial control. Judgment will suffice. After consulting, the court sentenced the defendant to five years in prison, three of which were suspended on probation. There was no deposit order, the two year old firm is converting.

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