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While the American football team won the equal pay selection case, where are the core disciplines? Overview on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

On February 22, the US women’s soccer team won a historic victory. Not on the field, where teammates Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan remain at the top of the global pecking order, but far beyond, where the Americans have won the battle with their federation. The two-time reigning world champions won the fight for equal pay with the men’s team. A small revolution in the world of sports. On this International Women’s Rights Day, we have a great opportunity to celebrate gender equality in the world of sport.

Football: infrastructure, a priority in France

In the world of football, this small revolution across the Atlantic has caused controversy. When asked about this, Wendy Renard, the captain of the French national team, answered realistically. “We know that American football is far ahead of European football, because football is really the number one sport there. In fact, there is no comparison. Today they have titles, they have a track record, so they can afford this fight from their federation. In terms of the media, they are really popular, while in Europe there are very few cases with national teams. Of course, this interesting, but you have to keep working to win. And then when you win, you have more opportunities to ask for things,” the OL player emphasized on the sidelines of the Tournoi de France won by Les Bleues last February.

But the same point is still far away. For example, after the coronation of the 2018 World Cup, Kylian Mbappe’s teammates received a bonus of 400,000 euros, and provided for girls in case of victory at the 2019 World Cup barely reached 40,000 euros. The difference in the application of the “principle of equality”, as it is related to the difference in FIFA allocations for the women’s world championships (30 million euros) and men’s (400 million euros). However, the federations of Norway (2017), New Zealand (2018), Australia (2019), Brazil and England (2020) decided to compensate for this unequal distribution by FIFA by allocating “the same amount for bonuses and per diems for women and men. .”

But before thinking about equal pay, D1 Arkéma teams want to win the infrastructure battle so they can practice their profession in optimal conditions. Ada Hegerberg, the first winner of the 2018 Ballon d’Or and an Olympic player, is increasingly asking French and European authorities to better develop women’s football.

Tennis: the equality of the “prize” Grand Slam tournaments

Tennis is the first sport to offer equal pay at the US Open in 1973 ($25,000 prize money or €23,000). At that time, women were only allowed to play football for three years. Since then, “prize money” parity has become widespread, with Grand Slam winners (Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open) receiving the same amount, men and women combined.

On the other hand, inequality exists in some of the Masters 1000 (Rome, Canada, Cincinnati), where men earn more. When it comes to programming, the organizers advocate equal treatment, especially for night sessions and center court matches.

Rugby: neo-professional women

In 2018, women’s rugby passed an important milestone thanks to the professionalization of the discipline and the broadcasting of matches of the XV French Championship on France 2, in particular the tournament of the six nations. “We are in the best conditions to be able to compete and win titles. We have seen this with 7 year old girls who brought home a good medal. I think it’s also important in people’s minds that little girls can identify with us. , to see us in the media, to see that it is possible, to see that women also play sports, win. This is a way to be an example, a role model and inspire hope and dreams for young girls so that they can emancipate in the best possible way,” says Safi N’Diaye, second in the XV French Championship on the website of the French Rugby Federation.

However, things are far from rosy for the oval ball, especially in Elite 1, the highest level in France. This season, AS Bayonne’s women’s team was forced to withdraw following a decision by the club’s board of directors last November. The players pointed to their poor training conditions in an open letter emphasizing that the lack of investment from the club overshadows the efforts made by the players.

Strict parity for surfing, gaps in team sports

On the other hand, since 2019 we have been looking for equal performance bonuses between men and women. According to Sophie Goldschmidt, general manager of the World Surf League (WSL, organizer of the world’s professional surf league), surfers and surfers now receive the same payout for every win. The WSL retains its status as the first American professional league to implement equal pay.

In other team sports (basketball, handball, volleyball) everything is different, where differences are no less important. In a letter published in The Players Tribune in 2018, Stephen Curry, a three-time NBA champion, denounced gender inequality in the United States, where WNBA players earn 115 times less ($15 million a year compared to…$130,000) . to the figures collected in 2021.

“You know, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the topic of equality for women has become more personal and real lately. Every day we must work to end this pay gap in this country because every day women suffer. because of this pay gap. And every day, it sends women the wrong message about who they are, what they stand for, and who they can and cannot be. We could get to the point where women’s basketball is no longer “women’s basketball” but just basketball played by women and celebrated by everyone. I feel more motivated than ever to help women get things done in any way possible,” the Golden State Warriors player explained.

In France, for example, a player in the women’s basketball league earns on average 2.2 times less than her male counterparts (€4,445 vs. nearly €10,000 on average), according to 2021 data. The lack of an official women’s championship broadcaster (versus one Betclic Elite match per week aired on BeIN Sport) doesn’t help either.

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