Wild league method to educate players about women

Phoenix Suns NBA star Devin Booker received an official ban from his celebrity girlfriend Kendall Jenner.

NBA (DR) / @kendalljenner

NBA players are especially desirable in the love market, those who the youth, athletes and, above all, millionaires. In order not to get caught by diamond diggers, the league at one time decided to use a strong method with a wild trap.

You only need to look at Instagram to understand that NBA players are living the good life, at least on a material level. They dress in the biggest brands, eat in the biggest restaurants in the United States, live in the most beautiful apartments, like Spencer Dinwiddie, who overlooked New York during his time with the Nets.or drive the biggest racing cars.

The problem is that money can quickly turn the heads of these young millionaires, and some of them will fall into a bad trap. In 2009, a very serious study commissioned by the players’ union showed that 60% of men who went through the NBA were on straw within 5 years of retirement … Bad investments, ostentatious spending, there can be many reasons.

NBA catches rookies with actresses

For example, many players have allowed themselves to be charmed by young women with not always very good intentions, thus facing a particularly costly divorce or alimony. To prevent this phenomenon from persisting over time, the league decided to organize major pre-draft preventive meetings, and the details given at the time by former Pistons John Sully are simply amusing.

The whole preliminary process is a huge trap. Its organizers find three beautiful girls in the city and dress them up as flight attendants. Their mission is to go to several players and tell them “Oh, you are so-and-so, you can give me the key to your room, I’ll be waiting for you tonight…”. The players are naive, they always give the key and the room number.

When they return to their room in the evening after all the activities of the day, it is completely empty … They have not had news for several days. And on the last morning of the pre-draft process, they find all the things on the conference room stage, the girls reveal that they are actually actresses, and everyone who is trapped feels very stupid.

Executives know there will be many temptations for young NBA players who are clearly hungry for their millions. To prevent them from giving in to the first comer, the league decided to trap their newcomers with actresses in the hope that the trauma of the robbery would serve as a lesson. A method that may no longer exist, the interview was conducted a few years ago, but which should have been effective.

Many NBA players have been taken trapped by young women who had more after their millions than after their love. So at some point, the league decided to use a tough pre-draft avoidance method.

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