women must work 55 days more than men to earn the same income

This Monday, March 21, marks the day when women make up the difference in wages with men.

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It is the American fund BPW that stands at the origins of the celebration of this symbolic day. Equal Pay Day, Equal Pay Day, is a day that commemorates the number of working days women work for free to catch up with what men get. Equal Pay Day is based on the latest INSEE data, with an average difference of 21.8%.

“In 2021, the financial year for men ended on December 31st and women symbolically work 55 additional working days, from January 1st to March 21st, which is France’s “Equal Pay Day” in 2022 to symbolize this gap. in wages. “says Valentin Viart, president of the national federation BPW France.

Year-to-year comparisons are not easy as the latest INSEE data is from 2017. However, the BPW foundation has been setting the date for “Equal Pay Day” in France for fourteen years now based on available research.

“We see very little change at this date. For example, five years ago we were on March 25, and today is March 21.”

Valentin Viard

on Franceinfo

However, one element may allow us to be optimistic. This is the 2018 Act Equal Pay Index. Equal pay is measured across five criteria with a maximum score of 100. This year the average score has risen by one point to 86 out of 100.

The BPW Foundation, in particular, requires that companies that do not achieve a minimum score cannot bid on government contracts.

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