Women’s football boom in France confirmed

After a decline due to the health situation, the number of FFF-registered licensees has grown strongly this season.

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day on Tuesday, the French Football Federation released the latest figures on the development of women’s football in France. After a drop in 2020-2021, attributed by the FFF to the health situation, the number of licensees has skyrocketed, up 15.5% year-on-year. As of March 2, 2022, the Federation registered 197,779 licensees, including 163,717 players (141,279 a year earlier). These figures confirm the boom in women’s football in France over the past ten years. In 2010-2011, the FFF registered less than 90,000 licensees.

If France remains far from the United States (1.7 million licensees were identified in 2019), it is gradually moving closer to other countries where women’s football is very popular, such as Canada (289,000) and Germany (210,000). Noel Le Grae and FFF aim to have 250,000 licensees by 2024. Last December, at the general assembly, the Federation indicated that it “Back to pre-Covid levels with 2 million licensees (male and female combined)“. As of June 30, 2020, that figure has dropped to 1.9 million.

Evolution of the number of practitioners FFF

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